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kissoflife's Journal

Burning, burning with the Kiss of Life.... (Peter Gabriel)

"[I]See me a big woman, a big woman, so full of life"

See me a big woman, a big woman, look how you dance;
See me a big woman, a big woman, caught in a trance!
Yeah, yeah, dancing on the table tops, covered up with the Eastern feast

Down at the ocean lies a body in the sand
Big woman sit beside, head in hand
With heat from her skin, and fire from her breath
She blows hot, she blows deep in the mouth of death

Quite lovely. She's nurturing, exuberant, and... defiant in the face of destruction. If its a notably awkward P. Gabriel foray(Yes, CPR/AR. Yes.), well, your awkward is my disarming. It's evocative. And I actually *have* danced for appreciative audiences in remote villages, and been near-bursting in my appreciation of them. That was cool.

I nicknamed myself Calliope long ago, and admire llamas and alpacas greatly(see primary icon).
Calliope, the llama (she's the third one down) noted for her "energy level, fast reactions, and intelligence." "Calliope likes treats and all sorts of mental stimulation, ie: INPUT! She also likes space to roam and hills to climb and posture from..." lol, that does sound like me. Do yoga up there, anway.

my pet!

MESPT and Kielle, r. i. p. (sniffle)
Too many years ago, I played a llama, friend, trusty steed, and soothing balm to Gondorians and Rohirrim in the lj community Middle Earth Sock Puppet Theater. Was incredibly fun. I wrote this then:
On 9/22/05, the _most_ central and bright light of that zany brilliant maelstrom passed away. So staggeringly, impossibly quickly. kielle, queen of Subreality and anti-Mary Sue crusades, brilliant and sensitive fanfic writer and true Tolkien scholar, red panda, equine, and bird lover. Gentle son/daughter/creature of Rohan and dear heart. We are all still reeling and can barely get along without you. We are stumbling into walls. Even the so-minor characters, such as myself. in pace requiescat

Calliope Evvywhere
Calliope is "the Muse of epic poetry, and chief of the Muses. She was the mother of *Orpheus* by Apollo... or King Oeagrus." She's also the muse of playing on stringed instruments. Better be the _muse_ of that, cuz I have no aptitude in it.

A calliope is a keyboard/pipe instrument- it and its cheerful, lively music are often associated with circuses and carousels. Invented in Worcester, Massachusetts, patented in 1855. Calliope's were also extensively mounted on showboats on the Mississippi. "Most calliopes had a limited range (13 to 20 whistles); many had 32, the largest 588. Reputed to have been audible as far as eight miles away!" (from site http://arts.ucsc.edu/GDead/AGDL/cosmic.html)

Wait, you want to know something about ME? You _are_ learning such- you're learning me by flavor. And there's also that there interests list below. Otherwise, a good part of my blogging has transferred to Facebook. But I often think of reviving posting here.